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Hearty Home-Cooked Meals
Hearty Home-Cooked Meals

Farm-Fresh Meals
HULL-O FARMS Pheasant Preserve offers breakfast and dinner in our 19th-century, upstate New York farmhouse. You will be treated to farm-fresh, all-you-can-eat, farm-style meals! Our guests enjoy our all-natural grass fed meats and farm-fresh produce (and usually end up taking some home with them).

Some examples of our farm-style breakfast menu include: World-famous, melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup and sweet cream butter, breakfast sausages, and farm fresh eggs.

Examples of our dinner menu include: Homemade lasagna, barbecued spareribs, herbed chicken and dumplings, all-natural grass fed roast beef with real mashed potatoes and much, much more!