"A guy was out hunting, came to a fork in the road and read a sign which said, "Bear left." So he went home."

Our Home
The farmhouse is where we have gathered for over 200 years, twice a day, to share delicious meals with our family and guests.  The original house, which is still home to the Hull family, was built in 1810. Along with many improvements over the years, in 2006 a great room and wrap-around porch were added offering even more room to share stories and memories with the farm family or other guests. Since Hull-O Farms has hundreds of acres under cultivation, we not only grow forage for our own livestock but provide feed for an abundance of wildlife, such as white-tailed deer and wild turkey, that can often be seen right from our porch.

National Bicentennial Farm
Since its 1779 post-Revolutionary War founding, only the Hull family has been keepers of the land now known as Hull-O Farms. For our family’s 200-plus years of dedication to our farming heritage, we have been recognized and designated by New York State as a National Bicentennial Farm, an honor that we cherish.