"What do you give a deer with an upset stomach? Elkaseltzer"

17th Century
The Hull family of English ancestry was an old and aristocratic family in England. George Hull was born in 1590 in Somersetshire, England. About 1630, George left England with his seven children and settled near Dorchester, Massachusetts. He later relocated to Fairfield, Connecticut where he died in 1659.

18th Century
His son, John Hull, and wife Sally left Durham, Connecticut in 1786 and traveled by horseback through the wilderness with nine families and settled in what is now known as “Meeting House Hill” near Catskill, New York.  John Hull was an industrious and hard working man, ready and willing to help his neighbors when he was needed. Finding the winter to be extremely difficult on top of Meeting House Hill, these families decided to move off the hill and relocated to the current location of Durham, New York. John and Sally had six children.

The farm that John and Sally Hull started in 1786 is still being run, seven generations later, by Frank & Sherry Hull and their sons. For their family’s 200-plus years of dedication to their farming heritage, they have been recognized and designated by New York State as a National Bicentennial Farm, an honor that they cherish.